About Superflo
Quality and Testing

All processes and products at SUPERFLO come with a seal of exceptional quality. All our products’ components and functionalities have to withstand numerous endurance tests, before the final products leave our premises. Most of our sanitaryware fittings are tested in-house to withstand atleast one lakh cycles, to ensure endurance.

Superflo was the first company in India to launch the patented Dual Flush, and the ISI Marked equilibrium float type valves. We have been actively involved with creating the code for IS:12234 and xxx. Currently, we are working with the Indian Plumbing Assocoation, both to improve the existing codes, and to develop new codes for sanitaryware fittings. We are the only Indian company to have a UIPC-1 certificate, demonstrating our commitment to building quality in all our products and processes.

At SUPERFLO’s Quality testing department, our products are put through rigorous checks at every level including dirty water testing to simulate the real life conditions in India. We are proud to say that our products are designed specifically for India.

SUPERFLO quality goes well beyond a product's normal life cycle and, should a certain product be discontinued, replacement parts for the product remain available for a minimum of five years.